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I first learned to cook at age 12 in secondary school in Ireland.  I now live in the United States, still cooking and baking. Cooking has brought pleasure and joy to me and hopefully to the family and friends who sample my kitchen experiments.   I started this blog to share my love of food, Irish recipes, and to dispel negative, misinformed myths about the quality of Irish food and cooking. In Ireland, farm-to-table is not a foodie trend, it’s the way of life.   Most Irish people are only a generation or two removed from the farm and it is not uncommon for urban dwellers to keep their connection to the land by growing vegetables in their gardens. As a result of being bypassed by the industrial revolution, it’s rivers and streams are comparatively unpolluted and its fish uncontaminated.  Cookbook writer and former “Saveur” editor Colman Andrews wrote in the introduction to “The Country Cooking of Ireland”:

“Ireland — for its superlative raw materials, its immensely satisfying traditional home cooking, and its new wave of artisanal producers and imaginative but well-grounded chefs — is simply one of the most exciting food stories in the world today.”


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