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Fried Chicken Worth Celebrating



Honey Butter Fried Chicken, http://honeybutter.com/, the much anticipated restaurant by Sunday Dinner of underground dinner club and Chicago Green City Market fame (their amazing hamburgers are still missed) opens this Saturday, Sept. 14.  The line for chicken was out the door during last night’s soft opening.  The crispy coating on the moist and flavorful chicken has a spicy kick.   The menu includes cornbread and interesting seasonal side dishes like roasted corn and tomato and chinese broccoli with feta. Fried chicken and fizz are a surprising but great match. I was happy to see that the wine list includes Cava because this chicken is certainly worth celebrating.

“Sunday Dinner” brings to mind leisurely Sunday dinners in Ireland — which are eaten in the afternoon.  Sunday dinner typically consists of some kind of roast meat with two kinds of potatoes and vegetables.  In future posts I’ll share my secret for the best ever roast potatoes and other Sunday dinner classics.