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Tips on storing Irish bread and scones

Irish sweet scones

A few people who stopped by Chicago’s Irish Christmas Market  http://montrosegreen.com/irish_christmas_market last weekend asked whether the Irish brown and white bread is frozen. Although the customers may have been frozen, the bread was not.  However, it freezes very well if you want to buy a loaf or two or a few scones to eat over Christmas.  The bread and scones are all freshly baked.  The brown bread is made with organic stoneground whole wheat flour and the scones are made with organic eggs.  The scone packets include a plain sweet scone, a golden raisin (sultana) scone and an orange and cranberry scone.

Here are tips on storing Irish bread and scones:

The bread is wrapped in plastic because it is being sold at an outdoor market.I recommend removing the plastic when you get home and storing the bread in a paper bag. The scones will be alright in the cellophane storage bags. If you want to save the bread or scones to eat later, freeze them in freezer storage bags.  Before eating, let them defrost at room temperature.  To refresh the scones, place them in a  350 degree oven for ten minutes.

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